mentoz (mentoz) wrote,

perfect day

the sun was out .. the waves were perfect .. the cove wasn't crowded ... AND i got to try out my new wetsuit .. 100% high grade titanium lined, 100% fluid seam weld, super stretch neoprene, and ultra flexible .. it keeps me so warm that i look forward to the times when a bit of water trickles down into my suit from the neck (which isn't often enough) .. body glove, guys, body glove .. best wetsuits for ice cold water .. best part? i got it on sale for $130 when it's originally priced at $315 .. and after having worn about 5 different suits valued around $150-250, i can say that this suit is worth $315 .. but thankfully i didn't have to pay it!

and the BEST news?? I KICKED ASS ON THAT @#(*$&#@(&*&%@#! TEST I TOOK LAST NIGHT! damn that exam was one of the hardest we've ever taken.
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