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we drove around the Presidio Bluffs and found a secret place on the cliff along the south shore of the Golden Gate Bridge to have a little picnic (pictures of the view from the spot to come) .. I spotted a surfer descending from one side of the cliff, and we decided to hike towards his direction to see where the surf break was .. we ended up finding a new surf spot as well as a beautiful trail which we decided to take .. we ended up on a clifftop and had an incredible urge to sing Queen's "we are the champions" .. we exploded in song and then after exhaustion, sat down to meditate .. the sun was setting to our left, the moon was out on our right .. it was amazing.

when we got home, we were preparing to study but accidentally scored DCFC tickets an hour before the show ... i was secretly more excited to see the Stars open for them, but Death Cab's show RockeD .. today we took a nap to DCFC's album Plan which my bro got for me a few months ago ..

now it's time to catch up on what i didn't study over the weekend (:

oh and before i forget, the U2 concert was freaking awesome!!!
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